Christian Erichsen CEO
A passionate business navigator! Christian sets the strategy and leads our team throughout these exciting times.
Sverre Marvik CTO
A highly experienced developer with deep tech skills. Sverre is our go-to and know-how CTO!
Benjamin Andreassen Senior Business Developer
Benjamin is our Heavy Metal Kaospilot. While managing our different projects he is always on the lookout for new and exciting partnerships.
Hanne √ėsteby Finance
A joyful accountant with a keen eye for numbers and spreadsheets. Hanne keeps us on track!
Nevena Djokic UX Design Lead
A user experience and user interface designer, Nevena is passionate about innovation, craft and branding.
Sven van Steenis UX and Lead Developer
With a keen eye for detail, Sven combines design, marketing and development to bring our concepts to life.