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Creating a unique brand identity and optimizing the customer acquisition process.

  • service design
  • user research
  • customer acquisition
Facebook is an essential channel for WA.
We created a recognizable and customizable mascot that embodied the identity of WA.
We created a recognizable and customizable mascot that embodied the identity of WA.
We looked into different ways of making the onboarding process more fun and engaging.
The WA mascot is designed to be used everywhere.

Despite the fact that the unique brand identity makes a difference in a sea of the similar products and services, brands usually consider it a luxurious investment. Small companies and startups often have limited resources to solve even some of the markets’ most challenging problems. Properly introducing a brand to the right audience and gaining new customers for its product and services, is quintessential for any company's growth.

Long processes such as developing brand identities are exhausting, time consuming and cost inefficient for small companies, especially for startups such as WA. With this in mind, we were determined to take a holistic approach. By parallely driving two processes mutually intertwined, we set a hypothesis, test and pivot. Continuously monitoring web and social analytics, we were able to see the direct response to our work with both our marketing and design efforts.

The process kicked off with a value proposition workshop meant to discover new insights and establish existing goals. During this intensive workshop we dug into the core values of WA with which we set a basis for our work. Followed by other UX techniques, we nailed the user group and target audience and designed a suitable visual language for them.

We created detailed personas for the different segments of WA's target audience.

By defining strategy on a go, we experienced the problems WA was facing on a daily basis. With no risk taken, we delivered fast solution for the quick respond. To hack the problem we were questioning again and again, who are the people who are in a need for this product and how can we invite them in?

Using detailed targeting together with sophisticated analytics we were able to test on different segments of the target audience. This allowed us to gather immediate data on how different messages and creatives worked in order to help us evolve the brand and create a customer acquisition strategy that is proven to convert.

By using this lean approach we were able to consistently increase the conversion rates while lowering the cost of acquisition.

Based on our data we can conclude that good UX design is the key factor behind a good product and should be part of every aspect of it, from the branding to the onboarding process and the product itself - but it is something that is often neglected or overlooked by companies both small and large.