RAd, Responsible Advertising

What started off at a Hackathon in 2014, ended up being one of our most innovative and exciting projects: RAd.

  • service design
  • business development
  • user research
  • UI
  • UX
Rad stands for Responsible Advertising and is a donate per view interaction model.
Pen and paper: go analog to get digital.
First sketches of RAd: a hovering button on top of a video.
The pilot: tv2 and Orkla prototype.
Can we bring together corporate social responibility and advertising?
The user journey of RAd

RAd, which stands for Responsible Advertising, is a digital video advertising product that combines corporate social responsibility with advertising, by connecting brands, consumers and nonprofits in new interactive ways. Traditional media, i.e. newspapers and TV, are meeting big challenges now that we are moving towards new, digital media. Current digital advertising models have seen very little innovation, with banner and text ads dominating the digital advertising landscape. We saw this challenge and wanted to come with a solution that could be beneficial for all parties involved: the user, the publisher and the advertiser.

This video explains an incentive behind the RAd concept in a brief, amusing and positive way.

In the spring of 2015 we started working towards a real life pilot together with TV2, Orkla and Sykehusklovnene. Orkla’s brand Vitaminbjørner (vitamin bears, a vitamin supplement for children), decided to launch an advertising campaign supporting the non-profit Sykehusklovnene (hospital clowns, a non-profit that brings joy and animation to children in Norwegian hospitals). Vitaminbjørner adopted the RAd “donate-per-view” video ad format to engage with consumers online, and provide added visibility and financial support for Sykehusklovnene.

A challenge with RAd is the fact that we need to convince the users to trust in a brand new service and to get them to recognize RAd as a brand. We also need to know enough about the users to make a product that they want to use. This is where user research gets to be the star of the show! We believe in meeting big challenges with digital innovation in shaping a meaningful future we want to be a part of.