Friskus, Reinventing Volunteering

Developing a better way of organizing and promoting volunteer activities within society.

  • web development
  • UI
  • UX
Friskus will provide the key link between patients, volunteers and volunteer coordinators.

Friskus AS is a social enterprise working on innovation in healthcare. Together with M'Labs, Friskus is aiming to solve real societal challenges by developing a volunteer platform where activities and participation is made available in a social and interactive way to promote network and experience. Friskus is further a tool for coordinators to secure efficient and quality assured planning, recruitment, and follow up of volunteers and activities for municiptalities, volunteer organizations and communities.

Following a lean approach and working closely together with the Friskus team in Voss, we are responsible for the development of the Friskus platform. It is our hope that together we can turn this platform into something that will promote volunteering as a meaningful experience and a way of giving back to society.