Bergen.Works - Coworking space in the heart of Bergen

Vibrant workspace where innovation, business and city life come to work in an energetic atmosphere.

  • service design
  • user research
  • branding

When Nøstekaien (the pilot project that led to Bergen Works) was started a few years ago, it showed the value of the coworking at its best. Different companies casually started collaborating and the space emerged into an arena for the exchange and promotion of ideas and most importantly - collaboration. When Nøstekaien changed location from Nøstet to Skostredet in order to expand, it was decided to change the name and to create a new identity and concept.

For this new place, our goal was to evaluate experiences among the Nøstekaien users and design the new service based on their needs and feedback. The challenge lay in transforming the old Sparebanken office as well as the former night club Ovenpå, both located in old buildings with a protected status, into a functional office space - a space that encourage collaborative spirit while at the same time providing enough privacy for the different actors. On the project we collaborated with the interior designer Lisa Sukholovsky, whose lean flexibility was matching our UX approach. Lisa’s goal was to reveal effortlessness and natural spirit to make this space respectful, natural, industrial and non-corporate.

Together with Sukholovsky, we redesigned this location's identity and gave a new meaning to the space that profoundly sits between naked wooden planks from the 16th century, plywood walls and the concrete pillars. Having in mind that users will appreciate sustainable solutions, we did our best to embed the philosophy of reused, recycled and green.