Anteo, all in one solution for fish farms

In cooperation with Anteo, M'labs has developed a resource planner for service companies and fish farms.

  • product design
  • business development
  • user research
  • UI
  • UX
Anteo RE is a device that track a boat's movement and transmit the information to Anteo's center in Rørvik
The very first visual sketches of the resource planner.
The resource planner at a glance: a map showing a boat's position and its correspondance with the center.
The planner will include all necessary features from tracking to resource planning.
Users will have the opportunity to customize their own planner.

Anteo is a company based in Rørvik, right outside of Trondheim, that develops applications and services for the fish farming industry. In cooperation with Anteo, M'labs has developed a resource planner for service companies and fish farms. The application lets you plan, report and visualise available resources connected to aqua culture.

Diseases and lice are a big challenge within the industry, and the routines and legislations from the government are strict and elaborate. There are certain laws to be followed and a lot of reports to be sent in. All of this, in addition to managing missions and crews, has traditionally been handled by excel sheets and PDF’s. Needless to say, there were more efficient ways of doing this, and we needed to find them.

The fish farming industry was unknown for us, and we spent some time looking into the industry as a whole, including terms and concepts. During this project, we were able to see problems and frustrations from the customer's point of view. We learnt how they communicate internally and externally and this is actually one of the phases we put the most effort in and what we got the most out of as well. We see the importance of knowing the customer, their needs and behaviour, to be able to build a product that they are actually going to use. The fact that we can familiarize ourselves with any kind of industry, dig deeper into it and help them where they are, is truly valuable and something that we use in all of our projects and is a way of working that is both scalable and efficient.