About M'Labs

We are a design driven creative agency.

Create with a purpose

We at M'Labs are focused on innovation and operate in the space between traditional development and design agencies. Having worked with clients of all sizes we are not shy to take on a challenge. We have a cross-cultural team of designers and developers that shines when we are able to work multidisciplinary, creating digital solutions with the user in mind. In the end, all we want to do is to create with a purpose.

Are you in need of a new website, visual profile or just giving the old one an update? Are you building an advanced digital platform or app? Do you have an idea for a concept, but need help fleshing out the details for it to be great? We can help you.

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Ideation workshops are part of our user-centered design approach

Pioneers in the responsive web

M'Labs was founded as Mobiletech back in 2005. We pioneered phone services and the responsive web, creating services still used by thousands of people to this day. Adding design skills helped us cope with the fast paced, ever changing world of tech. Today we research and create experiences and help ideas come to life, always looking at the next big things to come.

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