Nøstekaien is Our Very Own Coworking Space 

From hard core programers to user researchers and game publisher, everything you need, can be find at Nøstekaien.

The office is overlooking the harbour of an icon of the Norwegian sea: Hurtigruten.
Gyril: the creative atmosphere and the way to practice it.
Adellica: hard work to perfection this radio will be the future.
Think and say, show and tell.
The colours of success: post it, post it everywhere.
Surrounded, occupied and invaded by student interns who tend to settle.

At Nøstekaien small companies, freelancers, department leaders and other groups of professionals work day after day, side by side, to deliver innovative products and admirable services. This arrangement tends to result in rewarding cooperations and joint projects.

Not only do we share work facilities and a coffee maker, but we also share complementary skills and knowledge with our hardworking neighbors. We support each other with different expertise from programming to design skills, and one can always count on getting really good advice.

It is not unusual to see us indulge in a piece of a cake and a glass of wine, since small victories are always upon us to be celebrated.